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  • 9 Types of Advertising Media Available to an Advertiser

    Are you looking to promote your product, services or content? There are multiple avenues or channels where you can advertise or promote your products or services. As a business owner you should be aware about these advertising media before jumping straight into the marketing arena and start shelling money to promote yourself. Here we have […]

  • Ad Inserter Review: What This WordPress Ad Plugin Can Do For You?

    If you display ads on your site, you probably know how difficult it can be to: Keep track of those ads performance and replace existing ads for new ads when needed Insert your ads at the right spot on your site without wasting time trying to edit the code Ad Inserter is a free plugin […]

  • Best Ad Management Plugin For WordPress To Make More Money

    Advertising is the heart & soul of a growing blog. It’s the advertising that pays for our hosting, domain & gives us an ample amount of reasons to continue blogging, either as a part-time hobby or as a full-time profession. When it comes to managing ads on WordPress, one can easily do this using WordPress […]

  • The Extra Money I Earned By Growth Hacking Amazon Associate Program: A Case Study

    Want to know a secret? If you are making money from Amazon associate program (Amazon affiliate), this article is gold for you. But let me give you the background first. In my earlier blog post, I talked about a not so well known feature of the Amazon affiliate program which is that the Amazon Associates […]

  • WP Advanced Ads Review: A Powerful WordPress Ad Management Plugin

    When you run a blog, you have a lot of ways to make money. But one of the most tried-and-tested methods is displaying ads on your site. When you’re just starting out, displaying and managing ads on your site is pretty easy. But as you start getting more traffic, and more potential advertisers, you’ll probably […]

  • A Secret To Earning $50 per Click from Google AdSense

    There are two kinds of professionals in the world — the ones who just work hard, and the others who work hard and work smart. The greatest level of success comes to the people who find a balance between hard work and smart work. This is certainly true in the world of Internet marketing. As a blogger, you must be working day […]

  • Propeller Ads: A High Quality Ad Network With Great Earning Potential

    One of the biggest challenges of being a blogger is finding a trustworthy ad network. Most of us are aware of networks like AdSense and Media.net that show quality ads and also pay over time. However, it takes a lot of hit and trial to find a trustworthy ad network to serve ads on the blog. A […]