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  • Culture: Definitions, Influence and Factors That Affect Culture

    This article will explain the meaning, influence, and factors that affect culture. Definition of Culture There is no single definition of culture, and there is no unanimity among different thinkers. Mr. A.L. T. Parsons and Korelaber in an article about the Concepts of Culture and of Social Systems American Sociological Review have defined culture as […]

  • Is Sociology a Science? Let’s Find Out the Answer!

    In this article we will try to find out the answer to the much debated question – Is Sociology a Science? Is Sociology a Science? The exact nature of Sociology is a subject of much debate. It is not clear whether sociology can be considered a science. This debate and confusion of sociologists has been […]

  • The Meaning and Functions of Social Values in Sociology

    Here, we are talking about the meaning and function of social values. The Meaning of Values Sociology uses a different meaning of value than philosophy or economics. In economics, values can be defined as price. The culture of a society is shaped by social values.┬áSocial order is stable when values are in place.┬áThese values provide […]