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What is SageShark?

Hi, I am Sagie! – A friendly Shark from India cool

Presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest has become extremely essential for businesses. Are you a busy entrepreneur or over occupied webmaster struggling to run the day to day business activities along with managing your social media accounts?

Me and my team are here to help! We offer our professional Social Media Management services for small to medium businesses like yours.

How We Do It For You?

Our Social Media Management services are crafted for your niche. Take a look the steps of how we do it for you – 

Step 1 : Gathering Client Requirements

Our Social Media experts connect with you for knowledge and information gathering. This helps us understand your requirements better.

Step 2 : Analyzing Your Social Requirements

Once we get thorough information about your website, domain, activities and objectives, our experts carefully device a content strategy for your channels / pages.

Step 3 : Creating Content

After gathering required information we design the creatives. The graphics and videos are sent to the client for approval. Based on the feedback the edits are done at this stage.

Step 4 : Scheduling The Posts

After the content is finalized, we schedule it for publishing in your social media accounts. The posts are optimized with popular hashtags and keywords for maximum visibility.

Step 5 : Reporting

After successful publishing of the content a detailed report is generated to measure the posts performance and understand the core key metrics of your social media channels.

Step 6 : Next Steps - Growth Hacking!

Our experts analyze and discuss the report with you and device the further strategy for growth of your social channels.

Your Important Questions Answered!

What type of content do you produce for my social media pages and channels

We make content in the form of images, videos and GIF’s to publish in your social media channels and pages. We create suitable content for Facebook posts, Facebook Reels, Facebook Stories, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Twitter Posts, Pinterest Pins, Video Pins for Pinterest and much more.

What are the niches / genres / topics you offer your services for?

We offer Social Media Management services for almost any topic, niche or genre of website.

We DO NOT serve adult/ casino/ gambling websites and as websites which are not safe for children or otherwise harmful to society.

Will you optimize my scheduled posts?

Yes of course! We will use hashtags, keywords, title and description, alt description for your posts to make it SEO optimized for your social media platform. We will schedule it for the best time when your audience is online for maximum visibility.

What about the copyrights of the images that you provide?

We use Premium images that we hold rights for our clients. So you will never receive any copyrights complaint. However copyright systems are often automated and in case you receive any claim then we will resolve it for you. So rest assured, you are in safe hands!

Which social media platform you provide your services for?

We provide Social Media Management services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We are planning to add more platforms soon.

Do you offer a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes. We do offer a refund in case you don’t want to continue with our services. We have a very customer friendly and logical refund policy. Please visit our refund policy page for more details.

Detailed Reports for Planning and Growth!

Get detailed weekly or monthly reports about the Social media activities. It helps to get in-depth insights about your social channels standings.

You Will Know –
The best time to post
What content to post?
What is your demographics?
How to plan a social media strategy?

Let's Work Together!

Revive and grow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts with daily unique posts crafted specially for your business, that too at extremely affordable cost!

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